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Eating Well
I learnt so many things from the nutraceuticals, which is a basic medical course summarized in two days.
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Sulat ni Tatay at Nanay sa Atin
Sa aking pagtanda, unawain mo sana ako at pagpasensyahan, Kapag dala ng kalabuan ng mata ay nakabasag ako ng pinggan
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It’s only the beginning
By: Nimrod L. Delante
If you happen to google, you will probably be enthralled about Biliran Island as a province because it is blessed with natural wonders, the reason why most Biliranons would claim it an island paradise.

To Teachers: Routinary is Life? (Well, whose is not?)
By: Nimrod L. Delante
What makes the teacher’s life routinary? And why does routinary mean life to them? Let’s have a look.

In the Face of Death
By: Nimrod L. Delante
Still remember the Asian tsunami in December 2005? It killed 226,000+ lives per reference to the news released by the China Daily dated January 19, 2006. That year marked an unthinkable savagery brought about by nature.

A Teacher...
By Mary Grace Bernabe - Dejecacion
Never blow out a fire in a candle,
keep it flaming forever,
that it will brightens everyone’s life.

An Answer to Life’s Questions
By: Mary Grace Bernabe – Dejecacion
Who foreseen life? Do you know what will be your life tomorrow? We maybe happy yesterday! Sad today…full of anger later. It’s unpredictable! There were moments which seem to be an unending happiness.

Thank You Maam & Sir: A Tribute to our Retired Teachers
A Poem dedicated to our Beloved Teachers.
They are our second parents, we spent 8hrs everyday in school. Our teachers teaches us how to read and write. They teaches us from what is right and what is wrong.
For you Maam and Sir….. All I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!

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